Oil Pulling?!

I wanted to share this because oil pulling has worked like a miracle for me.
A couple of weeks ago I started getting this agonizing tooth pain when drinking hot or cold liquids and when chewing. I scheduled an emergency dental visit because at this point a pounding persistent tooth pain kept me up at night. The x-rays revealed a dental cavity underneath the crown. There was even a little hole between the crown and the tooth where my dentist was able to stick in a periodontal probe.

The situation was bad, the x-rays (see image) showed that the decay was advanced and was causing inflammation of the tooth pulp, the central portion of the tooth containing the sensitive nerve endings.

Because of the decay the remaining portion of the tooth was not big enough to attach another crown and the dentist’s recommendation was to have a tooth extraction and a tooth implant.

One day before my appointment I decided to cancel the visit at the oral surgeons because I found several articles on the web that described the possibility of reversing tooth decay and cavities. I wanted to give it a try.

Below is the regimen I’m following every morning and evening:

  1. Oil pulling for 10 min using organic coconut oil, then rinse mouth with water
  2. Floss teeth
  3. Use hydrogen peroxide for 30 sec (slowly swish in mouth)
  4. Brush teeth using a toothpaste that contains fluoride and baking soda (I’m using Tom’s Cavity Protection)

Also remove sugar from your diet as much as possible.

The results are amazing! After 3 weeks my tooth pain and sensitivity are gone and I can eat normally!
I’d highly recommend anyone to give it a try!
I’ll be following up with another blog post with updates in a few weeks.

Here’s some reading material on reversing dental decay and oil pulling: